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Tidbits # 2428


Cisco buys Jasper Tech for $1.4 billion, because Jasper’s IoT cards are inside GM cars, vending machines and car charging stations.

The number of IoT developers is growing exponentially – “According to VisionMobile’s new IoT Megatrends 2016 report, 4.5 million developers are working on IoT applications.”
According to TechRepublic, these developers are buying into revenue, not hype. Well, I would beg to differ as noted by the shift away from Wearables. I think even programmers follow the hype, then when the money isn’t there move on. To me some of this feels like PowerBall lottery: play now, gamble some money (time and sweat) for a chance to be a millionaire.

The Lottery Economy is best explained by NYU Professor Scott Galloway in this very good 16 minute video.


Robert Scoble demos Speakeasy conferencing. It is an 18 minute demo, which is way too long. Well thought out features from a user perspective. Only iOS mobile app, but for folks like my brother who have replaced their laptop with a phablet, it will be great. Craig Walker and UberConf have some competition.

I shared this with my clients: West’s study on How Companies are Using Collaboration Solutions – An Infographic Examining the Status of Unified Communications in the Workplace.

For channel partners, I will mention this again: there IS $$ in conferencing. PGi was acquired by private equity firm, Sirus Capital, for $1 Billion! PGi is a pure play conferencing company.

VoIP Phones

I don’t know if it is the competition from other phone manufacturers – like Yealink, Grandstream, Mitel/Aastra, Sangoma, OBIhai, Panasonic and others – or if it is the fact that many desk phones are being replaced with headsets (winners here are Jabra, Sennheiser and Plantronics), but Polycom revenue is in decline.

Channel Management

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