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What Happened to Ikano

IKANO was a dial-up POP aggregator. Then it got into DSL, because it had to. Dial-up was shrinking.

DSL Extreme was founded by Jim Murphy. It was sold to IKANO in 2006. IKANO slowly tried other services, like becoming a Google Apps for SP partner. This year (2015), Jim Murphy bought DSL EXtreme back from IKANO under his new company, the Broadsoft based VoIP company called Broadvoice.[More detail in this release.] The broadband combined with the Hosted VoIP makes for a nice bundle for BV.

IKANO CEO George Naspo is now the CEO of VirtaCore, a cloud infrastructure company. Doug Pollei, who was running the Google Apps program, is over at VirtaCore, too.

Shaun Hoggan is at Adobe.

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