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A Quick Marketplace View

SkyMall declared bankruptcy. Radio Shack is on the verge of bankruptcy, like so many retailers who didn’t pivot – Kmart/Sears, JCP – even Macys is reorganizing.

The price of crude oil is $45 per barrel today — as Saudi Arabia enters the day with a new after the death of King Abdullah yesterday. Yemen’s government collapsed this week. Europe is trying to avert another financial crisis. It’s a little bit of turmoil (again) globally.

Meanwhile, in the online travel race with Priceline (which bought Kayak last year), Expedia buys Travelocity from Sabre Holdings for $280 million.

Founded in 2005, Box went public today. As NYT explains, “Box can focus on a more pressing issue: standing out in an industry that has quickly filled with competition, particularly from much bigger rivals like Google and Microsoft.”

The online data storage industry is as crowded as the Hosted VoIP sector. Consolidation is happening in each sector, but not nearly enough. Why more is needed? Too many players with too few customers and little branding. Remind you of the Hosted VoIP sector too?

Evolve IP, a Broadsoft based cloud services company, bought an MSP, Webcore Technologies. It adds management experience, customers and some services and skills that Evolve didn’t have.

If you are looking for a PSTN conference bridge for Office 365, take a look at PlumUC’s latest move.

Going to be in Miami Beach next week for ITEXPO? Let’s grab coffee or if you are around on Tuesday, come to dinner.

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