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This is How You Do Social Media!

I received a surprise package at my doorstep today from Bright House. It seems that my tweeting about the Tampa Bay Lightning and recent Bright House Networks news caught the attention of the social media team @BrightHouseCares. So they sent me a package!

The note said:

Hello Friend!

@radinfo We noticed that you’re a fan of the Tampa Bay Lightning and Bright House Networks. Thank you! We got together and figured you would appreciate this fan package to cheer during the playoffs! We’d love to know that this arrived safely, so please feel free to tweet us. Thank you for choosing us! #GoBolts!

@BrightHouseCare & @TBLightning

IMG_20140421_175150s.jpg The package contained a tee shirt, a towel, a pair of sunglasses and a bag to carry it in.

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