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4 Good Lessons from 4 Reads

Google HR boss explains the only 2 ways to keep your best people from quitting:
1. The quality of the people they work with.
2. The feeling that the work they do is meaningful.

Tedious work doesn’t require 100% or Imagination. Workers tune out.

Mission, Vision & Values Are Dead & Forgotten (Here’s A Framework You Might Actually Remember). Purpose, Way and Impact: a three-stage rocket to clarity and growth.

Amazon did not kill the retail industry. They did it to itself with bad customer service.
Netflix did not kill Blockbuster. They did it to itself with ridiculous late fees.
Uber did not kill the taxi business. They did it to itself with limited the number of taxis and fare control.
Apple did not kill the music industry. They did it to itself by forcing people to buy full-length albums.
Airbnb did not kill the hotel industry. They did it to itself with limited availability and pricing options.
Technology by itself is not the real disruptor.
Being non-customer centric is the biggest threat to any business. [Linkedin]

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Telecom Tidbits # 2457

Some help with Robocalls. Pass it along.Private equity firm, TPG, last year acquired RCN and Grande. Now they are grabbing Wave Broadband in the Northwest for $2.36B. They will combine all 3 - Wave, Grande and RCN - to make a larger MSO. The PR … [Continue reading]

How Will the Consolidation Affect Sales?

If everyone did integration in a similar fashion to the XO-Verizon deal, it would be great. Slow and steady. It isn't a sprint; it is a marathon. No confusion or chaos. The channel folks even seemed happy about it, but that might have been the … [Continue reading]

What Happened to LinkedIn?

This week there have been two posts on my feed about "We can connect but don't spam me!" The discussion was the same on booth threads: "that is cold calling / social selling". Well, no it isn't. If you did the exact same thing at a face to face … [Continue reading]

The Duolpoly Dilemma (part III)

There are about 1600 small operators in the US."The NTCA–The Rural Broadband Association is the premier association representing more than 800 independent, community-based telecommunications companies that are leading innovation in rural and … [Continue reading]