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Voxox Gets Original

Voxox’s marketing maven, Tristan Barnum, has introduced original entertainment content as a way to get some attention for its partners and products. In a world of telecom where every booth at a show says the same thing, it’s nice to see some creativity in the Hosted VoIP space.

“Voxox’s first original entertainment content initiative is titled ROFL: A Rhinoceros and Octopus Find Love, which features weekly “high art” graphic-novel-type imagery as well as minimalist archetypal imagery throughout the week. A new episode is posted to Twitter each workday at noon. An extended version of the same episode will be reposted to the Voxox Pinterest, Google+, Facebook and Tumblr throughout the week. Initially, the original content will be available mostly through Voxox Twitter but the next step is to integrate exclusive original content more heavily into the application itself, which is currently in progress (more on this to be announced in the future). Voxox is working with talented artists Don Richmond and Ian LeWinter who have previously produced successful artwork and graphic novels with large social followings.”

BflBsFvIQAA9y0b.png [image from twitter]

To see the whole novel, go here.

Voxox has had a full month of announcements. One is the launch of its Virtual PBX service “Cloud Phone”. Vovox signed up Microcorp as a Master Agent, which might explain the Vovox boothing at the CP Expo in Vegas last week.

Voxox also announced that it acquired international calling service PokeTALK from E Mobile, Inc. Andy Abramson notes that PokeTalk will bring Voxox to browsers and perhaps WebRTC.

Busy month.

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