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3 Studies You Might Find Interesting

SpiceWorks study on IT buyers: “The survey results show nearly 90 percent of IT decision makers evaluate and recommend technology solutions while less than 50 percent of business decision makers do the same.”

In the SpiceWorks IT Buyer guide, “IT pros at small companies are often both the business and IT decision makers.” And no one reads your brochures. Interesting that IT buyers don’t trust social media.

A CompTIA SMB study “identified the “sweet spot” of the SMB market to be companies with 10 to 99 employees. Those companies represent a 20% slice of the overall market. But it’s a big slice in terms of sheer numbers: 1.8 million businesses fit the sweet spot description.”

Another interesting point from CompTIA’s study: “CompTIA breaks down the SMB market into three subcategories, the largest of which is “budget conscious” companies that represent 78% of the estimated nine million U.S. small businesses. Herbert said much of what that segment spends on IT boils down to break/fix services and other items such as web design.”

“Healthcare IT professionals believe their data is safer in the cloud than on premises according to a survey released by Evolve IP.” [source] They mean private cloud though. “Other key results of the survey showed that, on average, healthcare organizations have between two and three services (2.75 average) in the cloud.” If you want to sell to healthcare, UCaaS, data backup and retrieval and hosted email (Exchange, Office365, whatever).

Bonus material from my friend at MOJO Marketing, whose CEO spoke at MSP World: Anatomy of a Wildly Successful Digital Marketing Campaign.

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