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Tidbits #2451

Charter was supposed to overbuild broadband as part of its merger with TWC and Bright House. The FCC reversed that idea. Competition is not a good idea, I guess.

John Malone’s Liberty Interactive is buying Alaska’s GCI. GCI is a cellular and triple-play consumer ISP. They are a big Metaswitch client.

Less than half of households living on under $20,000 are connected (to Broadband Internet) [Time]

A study on Remote workers from CIO mag: “The study revealed just how prevalent remote work is; nearly three out of every four employees surveyed say their company offers flexible working options and 32 percent of respondents say they regularly work remotely.”

VZ merged AOL + Yahoo into a new company called Oath.

How Amazon’s Connect Could Impact Twilio, Zendesk, RingCentral. Amazon is working with Vonage, Level3 and other companies with its Chime and Connect service offerings.

Extreme Networks does more M&A, buys Brocade’s data-center switching, analytics and routing business for $55M.

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