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Telecom Tidbits (Part 2452)

Coming at you from the Channel show in Vegas, where TTelePacific reveals its new brand as TPX Communications. Tele and Pacific didn’t fit a managed services provider with a nationwide reach. TPX is more interested in selling UCaaS, managed IT, SD-WAN and managed security these days. The name change is to reflect that.

This and some other moves clearly closes the book on the era of the CLEC.

Southern Light got acquired by UNITI Fiber (formerly CS&L which was the Windstream spin-off REIT) for $700M.

The Intelisys division of Scansource finally revealed that they acquired Kingcom, the exclusive Verizon partner that they run their VZ business through. Just bringing it all in house.

There were more announcements of companies picking a SD-WAN partner: OneStream picked Versa; Star2Star chose Velocloud; Nitel chose Versa, too. This is quickly becoming like Hosted VoIP/UC. It will quickly become a commodity, faster than any technology the channel has sold.

AT&T bought Straight Path for a billion dollars for the spectrum. Any spectrum is property with a water view right now.

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