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Windstream Bites Again

Windstream just finished the paperwork on closing EarthLink. Now they are buying Broadview Networks in an all cash deal for $227M, of which $161M is to pay debt. [WIND gets $183M in NOLs though and 4.6x 2016 OIBDA, for you accounting geeks.] This will be WIND’s 6th UC platform – Broadsoft, Metaswitch, Allworx, Avaya, Mitel. Broadview’s OfficeSuiteUC is home built, just like Fuze, 8×8, RC, Broadvoice, Jive and many others.

The surprise was that Broadview only had 20K business customers, of which 7,300 utilize their cloud based services! The ARPU was about $1000. There is about $239M in revenue but not profitable revenue.

You can tell that most people have no idea about the channel at all. The investor deck says Broadview has 300+ master agents. RC had a slide that its 8 master agents provided access to 200K sub-agents. At best, this is naivete; at worst, it is lying to investors.

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