Peter Radizeski is Founder and President of RAD-INFO INC. He is an accomplished blogalyst, speaker, author and consultant. He has helped many service providers with sales training, marketing, channel development and business strategy. He is a trusted source of knowledge about the telecom sector. His honest and direct approach make him a refreshing speaker.

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A.I. Will Eat Your Job!

Robots are going to eat jobs. Already are, but it is going to accelerate. 40%+ of jobs are at risk of being automated!

4 skills that will stave it off: (1) code; (2) consultative selling; (3) problem solving; (4) creative thinking. Be a Linchpin.

“We have to prepare the next generation to be ready to work on their own, to use their brains to create every single day. All the other jobs — those are being handed off to robots.” [GapingVoid]

____ Peter Radizeski is a telecommunications consultant and analyst with RAD-INFO INC. Service Providers have called on RAD-INFO INC for assistance improving sales, managing online marketing efforts, channel sales enablement and overall company strategy. Contact RAD-INFO INC at 813-963-5884 or

Sellecom: 101 Ideas for Marketing in the Telecom Jungle by Peter RadizeskiSELLECOM: 101 Ideas for Marketing in the Telecom Jungle.

by Peter Radizeski