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A Look at the INC5000 List (2017 version)

The INC5000 List is out!

Some CARRIERs that made the list:

Bandwave Systems is run by Tom Azelby with $4.3m in revenue in 2016.

Broadsky Networks is at $3.2m

Unitas Global made the list at $22m. Not bad on $10.6m in investment money.

Tierpoint is a data center company that bought the old Windstream data center business for $575M. It is run by a PE firm and the fine folks who used to run SuddenLink (now Altice). Revenue is $349M.

Atlantic Metro Comm is at $16m

Hudson Fiber is at $21m.

NITEL is at $82m; up from $72.8m.

JAB Wireless was a WISP roll-up that became RISE Broadband, a company doing $160m in revenue.

Last year, Masergy was at $254M. Now $293m.


Momentum Telecom is at $95M (this is after the Alteva acquisition for $28.7m).

The list still contains many VoIP providers.

Lightspeed Voice in Florida is just one of over 2000 Hosted VoIP companies operating in the US. They are at $2.9 million; up from $2m last year.

Clarity Voice is at $4.4M; $4.0m last year.

NexVortex is up a cool million to $15m. nexVortex announced the acquisition of Northwest Vox. is up to $11.5m.

TeleQuality is at $24m tackling the healthcare vertical.

PBX inter-connect, Tele-Data Solutions in NJ is doing $3.6m. 3-Year Growth of 54%.

Another PBX shop, VOX Network Solutions, who sells Oracle, Polycom and Avaya, is at $43.2m.

VoIP Innovations has a new CEO in David Walsh and is running $15.5m in rev.

BROADVOICE made the list at $48m, up from $42m last year.

Evolve IP is at $66.5m, up from $59m last year.

Last year, Star2Star hired Gary Testa from Polycom with the vision of an IPO in 2017. Testa is gone. Michelle Accardi is now President and Chief Revenue Officer. The 2013 revenue was $33M. 2015 was $52.7M. 2017 is $58m.

Quite a few of FISPA members made the INC5000 list including JMF Solutions at $2m; IdeaTek at $2.3m; Intelliwave at $3.8m; Altaworx at $3.8m; and GeoLinks at $8.8m

Hunt Telecom is off the list because they were acquired by UNITI.

Mammoth Networks at $25.7m; up from $21.5M!

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