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Amazon and CPaaS Take on UCaaS

According to Channel Vision magazine, Amazon is bringing the Amazon Echo Show to the office. “The device offers Alexa, Amazon’s voice assistant, a touchscreen display, and a 5-megapixel camera for video calls. These are just a few of the UC features the Echo Show offers in addition to accessing emails and calendar via voice commands.” It sounds like it is integrated with Amazon Chime.

Now give this device a DID (phone number) with text capability and we are getting closer to a UC Killer. By that I mean a bundle that will sell faster to the SMB market.

If you take a Surface Book Pro 3 (older model) with a touch screen, add Skype + Office365 or G-Suite plus Slack or Hipchat, you would have an interesting product. Give the device a DID for SMS/text and voice calls and you have an Amazon Echo Show knock-off.

Notice that none of this is about selling a phone?

Notice that it is about taking the technology out of every day tasks like calling and meetings.

Sellecom: 101 Ideas for Marketing in the Telecom Jungle by Peter RadizeskiSELLECOM: 101 Ideas for Marketing in the Telecom Jungle.

by Peter Radizeski