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2 Lessons From the Holiday Season

Here are two lessons from this holiday season.

One: be grateful, especially for your employees and customers. And tell them!

Two: everyone has a favorite holiday movie, whether it is Die Hard or Elf or a Peanuts classic. The holiday movie is a story that holds memories and feelings. Learn how to tell a memorable story.

Don’t be a Grinch and get caught up in all the technology. That leads to confused salespeople and prospects. And when people are confused, they either don’t buy or choose on price.

SD-WAN, VoIP, UCaaS, CCaaS, IaaS, UTM and all the rest do not mean very much to the marketplace. What they do for the business does!

Tell a better story about the business impact.

Screw the tech! The story of Santa Clause and his elves doesn’t focus on how the elves can pump out all those toys (or how they afford it). Nor is the story about how one guy can deliver to 1 billion households globally in one night.

2018 is around the corner. Start it with a new message, a new story – or at least clarify your old one by taking all the acronyms OUT, removing the tech talk and tell the story about the solution.

“80 percent of IT spending is used for maintenance; only 20 percent on moving the business forward.” [source] Businesses would like their IT department to shift more towards business innovation. To the other 20%. Can you help them with that? That’s a story – without acronyms.

Sellecom: 101 Ideas for Marketing in the Telecom Jungle by Peter RadizeskiSELLECOM: 101 Ideas for Marketing in the Telecom Jungle.

by Peter Radizeski