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VoIP M&A in 2018 Vol 1

Well, 5 days into 2018 and we have some M&A activity.

First up, the newly merged entity called STARBLUE, which is the result of Star2Star merging with Ireland’s Blueface. Star2Star is a hybrid provider based on Freeswitch that has on-premise hardware (Asterisk box) at the customer premise, gets SIP trunks from Level3 or other, and has some elements in the cloud (like voicemail). Star2Star was mainly channel sales driven. Blueface is a member of the Cloud Comm Alliance and is a Broadsoft shop. Weird pair.

Tired of these articles (mainly written to promote the stock): Why Cisco’s Acquisition of Broadsoft Is a Strategic Fit. “BroadSoft owns about 19 million subscribers and is a provider of cloud calling, contact center solutions, and other services.” That is NOT true. Most of those subs are owned by the BSFT client. And most are SIP trunks. True, BSFT has a white-label division (that the VoIP Logic acquisition bolstered) but they don’t have 19M users directly.

BTW, a number of BSFT shops are dropping BSFT for Netsapiens and other platforms.

Polycom (owned by PE firm Siris Capital Group) is buying Obihai. This is a consolidation in the VoIP end-point space, not unlike snom-Vtech or Mitel-Aastra.

Element VoIP, a Tampa Florida based Hosted VoIP provider, has changed its name to Viirtue. That should be no less confusing for people to find. Element recently merged with another Netsapiens provider, so this name change is kind of a launch.

IP Centrex to Hosted PBX eventually it was called Cloud Comms, then UCaaS now Unified Collab.

This is interesting (and will make Craig Walker sad): Report: Google working on major G Suite improvements, including ‘Wolverine’ VoIP service.

Even some SD-WAN M&A: Martello Technologies, the provider of performance management solutions for real-time communications, announced today that it has merged with SD WAN network performance and business continuity company Elfiq Networks. [source]

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