Peter Radizeski is Founder and President of RAD-INFO INC. He is an accomplished blogalyst, speaker, author and consultant. He has helped many service providers with sales training, marketing, channel development and business strategy. He is a trusted source of knowledge about the telecom sector. His honest and direct approach make him a refreshing speaker.

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Why I Sound Annoyed

Many folks think I am a pessimist. Actually I am a realist. My annoyance is with the status quo. The industry is filled with providers that just follow the other guy. Likely due to there not being a leader coupled with no service provider has it all … [Continue reading]

Small Business Bundling for MSPs

I have been on a kick to change the sameness of bundling. Bundles are ways to increase ARPU, attract a client base and reduce churn. Bundling exactly as the Duopoly doesn't exactly help you. There is a SMB survey about cloud challenges. "Although … [Continue reading]

I’m Going Direct

Some days this industry makes me shake my head. It seems no one thinks long term. It is why the current state of the telecom industry is one big huge cluster. No Long Term Thinking. Over the years, I have watched most carrier channel programs play … [Continue reading]

Software is Eating Your Commission

It is the fourth quarter – time for the master agencies to hold their big shows. Microcorp, PlanetOne, and others have all held shows. The Agent Alliance held a learning summit in San Antonio. There has been one recurring theme. … [Continue reading]

Go For the SPIFF!

While providers (especially public ones) look quarter to quarter, they expect agents to think and act long term. “Stop going with the lowest price or the highest Spiff!” Oh, okay. Since you want to tell me how to run my agent business … [Continue reading]