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Bundle Tidbits (Part 2464)

A decent article on the value of a winning Bundle [article].A couple of examples of bundles I am seeing.Microsoft Office 365 and Nimble CRM Cloud Bundle [Channele2e] ZOHO released Zoho One to complete.CenturyLink uses managed Wi-Fi platform … [Continue reading]

Book Sale: Coupon Today Only!

I find it funny how much my book, SELLECOM2: Selling Cloud Services, sells for on Amazon used.$294 - $394; As high as $2797! Usually right at $21.99Or you can go to, save 20% today with the coupon code below.____ Peter Radizeski … [Continue reading]

Sweating the Small Stuff

"If you’re a Communications Service Provider (CSP) trying to differentiate your brand in today’s highly competitive market, the little things do matter – a lot." A statement I agree with. (The article talks about mining your customer data to satisfy … [Continue reading]

Pricing and Packages

Good article about Bundling. They all look the same. They all suck for the buyer. Have you noticed that we don't have Quad-play yet (tv, broadband, phone and cell)?  I can't believe there isn't a bundle of Netflix, broadband and 4G hotspot with … [Continue reading]

A Look at the INC5000 List (2017 version)

The INC5000 List is out!Some CARRIERs that made the list:Bandwave Systems is run by Tom Azelby with $4.3m in revenue in 2016.Broadsky Networks is at $3.2mUnitas Global made the list at $22m. Not bad on $10.6m in investment … [Continue reading]