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UC by the Quarterly Numbers with RC, 8×8

The press release for the quarterly financials must be written by a marketing hobbit to spin everything to sound like roses – as they approach a billion dollars. Why do they have to have 3 or 4 statements about revenue? Why not just one real … [Continue reading]

Really Caring About the Customer

Saw this GapingVoid post and it made me think about yesterday’s post and how we take the next step. Companies (that are run by techie CEOs) think that a new feature or GUI or the tech itself will make the customer gaga and buy. That has never … [Continue reading]

Lifetime Customer Value

This isn’t a metric that analysts look at: LCV [Lifetime Customer Value]. Analysts look at churn (and quite frankly I do not believe anyone’s churn number. If it was almost zero, you would grow every week. When your customer count … [Continue reading]

Level3 is Now CenturyLink

Level3 officially became CenturyLink last week. “CenturyLink has closed its massive $34 billion deal to buy Level(3) Communications.” Now the real work begins with integrating – Embarq, CenturyTel, Madison River, KMC, Qwest, US … [Continue reading]

Are You Offering Cloud Backup?

Carbonite revenues were $61.6 million in Q3 2017, up 19 percent from the corresponding quarter last year. Some of that was due to 2 acquisitions in 2017. In August Carbonite acquired Datacastle. Carbonite acquired Double-Take Software for $65.25 … [Continue reading]