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Hang Up on Phones When Selling UC

In the sales process for UCaaS, if the sale gets hung up on the hardware, it is your fault! It is due to a poor job in discovery. The difference between selling dial-tone and selling Unified Communications is uncovering the WHY. What pain are they … [Continue reading]

Cable Will Destroy the ILECs

While AT&T and Verizon focus on 5G, acquisitions and almost everything that is not their traditional business, Comcast and Spectrum are eating their lunch! CenturyLink is too busy with its Level3 acquisition to be effective. Yet they … [Continue reading]

Organic Growth?

Most companies are NOT in growth mode. Traditionally in our space organic growth is like 4-8%. Fusion Telecom says that organic for them is 2-4%. It is why they chose acquisition as the mode for growth. However, as Birch (now Fusion) has seen … [Continue reading]

LogMeIn Buys Jive!

Not Jive Software but Utah based Jive Communications is being acquired by LogMeIn for $342 million in cash plus up to $15 million based on reaching specific milestones in the next two years. “Upon closing, the deal will accelerate LogMeIn’s … [Continue reading]

Business Strategy for Service Providers

From the 2018 FISPA LIVE Show Guide is my article about Business Strategy for Service Providers. Join me for two sessions on Wed., 2/7/17 at FISPA LIVE:  Bundling to Compete and How to Have Your Best Year Ever! For many years I have been … [Continue reading]