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Technology to Pay Attention To (And Why)

Cyber-security will be a big money maker. Ransomware and hacks are increasing; they are also getting easier thanks to the CIA/NSA tool kits that have been released on the dark web. Also, there are now Ransonware-as-a-service sites.To go along with … [Continue reading]

Fiber Lit Buildings Leaders

Only 11 carriers have more than 10,000 fiber lit buildings, according to the latest report from Vertical Systems: AT&T, Verizon, Spectrum Enterprise, CenturyLink, Comcast, Level 3, Cox, Lightowerl, Zayo, Altice USA and Frontier.The challenge … [Continue reading]

Sales versus Marketing

In a session today at ChannelCon 2112 Group’s Larry Walsh made a comment to Heather Margolis that Marketing is a Cost Center. That isn’t true.Peter Drucker said that a company has only two duties Innovation and Marketing. Everything else is … [Continue reading]

What Gets Added to the BIll?

I don’t often see the fees because I don’t get the final bill. On top of that each carrier charges different fees/taxes. It isn’t easy to know what those fees will be. That’s on me though.BGP – at least half the carriers charge something for … [Continue reading]

Tidbits (#2460)

RURAL BROADBAND:Microsoft will try to bring better broadband to two million rural Americans in the next five years. The company’s so-called Rural Airband Initiative is an attempt to partner with local providers to boost wireless internet. The FCC … [Continue reading]