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One Thing

If you don’t solve a problem (pain point) or replace an existing product, the channel probably cannot help you.

The New Universal Service Fund for Rural Broadband

The Connect America Fund (CAF) is part of USF. There was CAF I & II. Now the FCC is calling the new 10 year fund RDOF. Learn about it HERE. The FCC has authorized full commercial deployment in the CBRS band, thereby opening the band for use in … [Continue reading]

2 Tips Today (1/16/2020)

As I do a final run through on my slide deck for the sales kick off at TPx, I wanted to share 2 tips from that with you. First, the Cloud Contact Center space is crowded. Now that Salesforce, Amazon and twilio have jumped in the space, it is … [Continue reading]

Musical Chairs in UCaaS

8×8 is the latest to play musical chairs in the C-Suite. What does all this mean? A company has a strategy and the executives are hired to drive that strategy. Execution is the deal. That predicates that the company has a good strategy. … [Continue reading]

The 4 Buckets of UCaaS

Since most UCaaS providers do not in fact differentiate themselves in any meaningful way in the marketplace, they end falling into one of 4 Buckets: Cheap, CX, Local or Everyone Else. There is a sense that UCaaS has become a commodity – and as … [Continue reading]