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Tidbits from February 2021

Dialpad and T-Mobile are partnering up for biz comms. T-Mobile believes in the future of AI-powered cloud communications, and contributed to Dialpad’s Series E funding round in 2020. T-Mo also announced WFX, Home Office Internet – fixed 5G/4G broadband. 

 Microsoft rolls out Operator Connect, for voice services in Microsoft Teams. Don’t forget that MS also offers CPaaS (dial-tone, SMS and more) via Azure Comms Platform. 
 Contact centers reported a 37% increase in demand during the pandemic via CP news. Explains Genesys having a good year: 800+ new customers during fiscal year 2021. 
 But no one had a better year than Zoom: Zoom saw total revenue grow 326 percent to $2.65bn. Apparently Zoom isn’t buying a CCaaS as they say they are happy with their partnerships with Five9, TalkDesk, Genesys and NICE. 
 Remote Workers and RAY BAUM’s Act: HERE. The  FCC on Kari’s Law and RAY BAUM’S Act 911 Direct Dialing, Notification, and Dispatchable Location Requirements (E-9-1-1
 Sonic Telecom Seeks Return of Cost-Based Unbundled Network Elements (HERE
 Is the next big #UCaaS trend employee monitoring and productivity products? @DaveMichels thinks so.  
Fuze went Vertical. Fuze for Manufacturing is available in Essential and Contact Center licenses, starting at $50 per user monthly, as noted on the Fuze for Manufacturing website.

Finding Opportunity

I’ve read a number of articles and listened to a number of vConference sessions about “finding opportunity” and how to grow in 2020/2021. What a bunch of pie in the sky, textbook level BS. Why is it BS? Most people don’t want theory or vision … [Continue reading]

Sales Tips for March 2021

In this LinkedIn post, the video of a sales trainer described buying a Porsche during the pandemic in Park City. There are 3 take aways from this video for anyone selling today. One is to remove friction from the sales process. An example is … [Continue reading]

Inteliquent Acquired (and other UC M&A)

Inteliquent is an interesting bird. It is one of the largest VoIP/SIP providers in North America, primarily known for VoIP orig/termination and DIDs. They cover about 94% of the rate centers. It is a combination of Neutral Tandem, Tinet, APNI, … [Continue reading]

Is MSF Just Signaling?

In this article about Super Bowl ads, GapingVoid points out that it isn’t so much advertising as Signaling. A Super Bowl implies, “It sends consumers the message, even subconsciously, that the brand is a real player for the long haul — so big, … [Continue reading]