Peter Radizeski is Founder and President of RAD-INFO INC. He is an accomplished blogalyst, speaker, author and consultant. He has helped many service providers with sales training, marketing, channel development and business strategy. He is a trusted source of knowledge about the telecom sector. His honest and direct approach make him a refreshing speaker.

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What can we do for your ISP? = How can we help your business?

Since 1999, RAD-INFO, Inc. has worked strictly with service providers – ISP, MSP and CLEC – to aid them in marketing and selling their services. It started by assisting ISP’s compete against the Incumbent for the broadband (DSL) business. From there, RAD-INFO, Inc. helped clients out-maneuver the Duopoly selling Voice, T1’s, Metro Ethernet, Wireless, Hosted PBX, fiber, FTTx, and Managed Services.

Today, RAD-INFO is called upon to Go-to-Market with Hosted and Managed services; execute on strategy; train sales teams; and other aspects optimizing sales and marketing for SP’s.

As an advisor, RAD-INFO has worked with executives in companies such as Bright House Networks and XO, along with many regional CLEC’s and ISP’s. Over the course of the last ten years, RAD-INFO has been an analyst, consultant and implementation specialist for M&A deals worth over $500M dollars.

Working with RAD-INFO means you benefit from the breadth of our experience having worked with over 65 service providers — most still our clients. Why is that important? Because our clients are still in business, thriving, providing jobs, getting grants, selling services, and growing. Don’t you want to join those ranks?

Here are some of the things RAD-INFO, Inc. can help you with:

  • Sales training for your staff, even the technical folks and the administrative
  • Sales training for the Sales Team, including How to Sell Hosted PBX or High Margin Services
  • Consulting on the Strategy, Focus and Execution for your business
  • Marketing and Messaging for your services, via such tools as Direct Mail and Online Marketing
  • Guerrilla Marketing
  • Product Creation
  • Telecom Bill Auditing
  • Social Media including blogging and newsletters
  • Hiring and Sales Compensation

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