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Rationalization in 2023

Seems weekly we have PE money buying either a partner (Agency or MSP) or a provider. PE money is deep in ILECs now that Lumen sold off half its assets to Apollo. Even before that several IOCs had been acquired by PE. Where the M&A has not … [Continue reading]

Predictions for 2023

[I love GapingVoid!] The last 3 years (2019-2022) have involved a lot of turmoil: pandemic, M&A, economic headwinds, and global turmoil (Iran, Ukraine, China, Russia, UK and more). The Channel will change in 2023. It is shrinking. Each segment of … [Continue reading]

Turmoil in Telecoms

Cellcos are spending billions per year (the top 3 spend about $30B on CAPEX for their network). 5G has been hyped to the max. But when will it pay off for the top 3?  Article in FT talks about it. It seems IoT and anything connected will be the … [Continue reading]

UCaaS Update

I have been busy with a couple of new projects with Turnium and Peace Communications (plus the continuing work for NEC and Intermedia), so I haven’t been blogging.  But here are some updates. RIFs in the space from RingCentral, Avaya twice and … [Continue reading]

Five Years Ago

Someone messaged me to take a look at a post of mine from 2017.  M&A at the time was mainly on the vendor side – cable mergers, the Birch thing and more.  How did it turn out? Birch sold to Fusion who then went bankrupt, which is a very Birch … [Continue reading]