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UCaaS is a Red Ocean in More Ways than One

Recently Moody’s rated a private UCaaS provider, which led to a discussion on where the  market for UCaaS is going. We are past early adopters and firmly in a Red Ocean in my opinion.  Here are several factors that will affect the growth of … [Continue reading]

Positioning 101

Most tech companies push product, well, not even product, an acronym like UCaaS, CCaaS, AI, SD-WAN. They don’t have Positioning. They think their Target Market is everyone, but that is neither a target nor a market. They don’t explain Value. They … [Continue reading]


It has become a real contest out there for SPIFFs. The SPIFF used to be to (a) draw attention to a company or service offering; or (b) to create some temporary demand by financial incentive. Car dealers live by this model. SPIFFs have been used to … [Continue reading]

Everyone? Everyone

I just started a two week Sprint on Positioning with Section4. They ask why you are taking the course. I said because I have spent 23 years in telecom where differentiation is non-existent. [Although cellular has tried to Differentiate, now it is all … [Continue reading]

CVX Expo: Ignite Education!

So Channel Vision magazine’s CVX Expo 2022 on November 2-4 in Scottsdale AZ will be putting a premium on education for emerging services like SASE, CCaaS and more. The expo hall is filled! Beka Business Media (the parent of Channel Vision) is selling … [Continue reading]