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This Week in Cloud Comms

SPIFFs are back bigger than ever – 7x-10x for UCaaS sales. I predicted that things would slow down as at least 3 providers played with reducing commissions. There is more at play here than just that, but it was a factor. Return to Work. AI product … [Continue reading]

2 New Webinars to Spark Your Sales

Sales comes down to 2 things: Fundamentals and Time Management. We have 2 new webinars that every sales rep should take, but especially if you are selling cloud communications (HPBX, Webex, Skyswitch, NEC Blue, Intermedia Unite, etc.). Each webinar … [Continue reading]

The Future of the ISP

With all of the money in residential broadband, most of the M&A in the ISP market will be to scale FTTH. There are many Fiber ISPs and Wireless ISPs (FISP & WISP) that have been invested in by private equity. These companies will want out in … [Continue reading]

Sales Stats, Quota and On-Boarding

What is Sales Quota? Quota is  the sum of Average sales size multiplied by average sales per month. Sales cycles are lengthening; Average sales size is shrinking. Quotas are meant to challenge sales reps and motivate them to sell more. A common rule … [Continue reading]

Lists of UCaaS Providers

You have seen the lists of UCaaS, CCaaS, SD-WAN, CPaaS, and so many other lists. You have seen analyst reports for the market leaders and market TAM. Most of it is wild opinion and bullshit. Next time you see a press release for a market size and … [Continue reading]