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Some Helpful Reading During COVID-19

One NJ ISP's response to the COVID-19 situation: Some info on SBA Small Business Loans via channele2e Some scientific links on COVID19 including dashboards and blogs from experts. Are you offering a Remote Work Toolkit? C Spire is. Are … [Continue reading]

Selling UCaaS Now (as WFH Solutions)

I recently secret shopped some top UCaaS providers. Let me tell you that the direct sales teams are unprepared to sell UC&C for WFH (unified comms and collab for work from home). It seems we are still training sales to talk about seats and … [Continue reading]

Staying Current on COVID-19

Here are some links to some expert data. First, Andy Slavitt, the former head of Medicare, Medicaid & ACA, provides solid info daily on twitter and Medium. Next, 3 dashboards to follow the spread. Looks like May 1 before it … [Continue reading]

Tips & Tools to Help with Remote Work (#WFH)

I am collecting a list of tips and tools for remote work on this page. Not everyone will have the benefit of a quiet room but here are some thoughts from a veteran in working from home. Remote work adjustment tips: (1) have a routine; (2) … [Continue reading]

7.5 Things You Are Missing from Vegas

With the Channel Partners Expo postponed (and Enterprise Connect also owned by Informa postponed) here are 9 things you are missing from Vegas. Keynote talking about the channel is dying.Keynote telling you how to run your business – from … [Continue reading]