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Rio Bravo

Seth Godin often gets me thinking. One of his posts this week was spot on. Seth used two westerns as examples. “Howard Hawks, director of Rio Bravo, pointed out that the reason that the marshal [in High Noon] failed to rally the community was that he … [Continue reading]

Microsoft Gets Closer

Microsoft had a cell phone and a plan. It went up in smoke. Now it is Android or iOS – Apple or Google. Yet placement on that phone is as important as placement on a laptop home screen. With the Metaswitch acquisition, Microsoft saw a possible win. … [Continue reading]

Are You Looking to Sell Your Business?

Lots of M&A in the channel – both vendors and partners. Are you looking to sell your Agency or business? What’s the Goal? Are you just looking for investment for growth? Do you need help in the back office? Do you need technical expertise? There … [Continue reading]

The Netfortris Acquisition

I wrote about Sangoma buying Netfortris HERE, but after speaking with Sangoma I wanted to add some color. Spire Capital bought a chunk of Netfortris, a UCaaS, SD-WAN and MSP combo, in 2014 – about the time Telekenex renamed itself Netfortris. Then, … [Continue reading]

The Size of the UCaaS Market

Each analyst has a different idea of the market size of UCaaS globally. The global estimates range from $20 Billion USD in 2021 to $46B USD. That’s a wide range. Yet the service providers don’t really break out the revenue. CPaaS, CCaaS, UCaaS, … [Continue reading]