Peter Radizeski is Founder and President of RAD-INFO INC. He is an accomplished blogalyst, speaker, author and consultant. He has helped many service providers with sales training, marketing, channel development and business strategy. He is a trusted source of knowledge about the telecom sector. His honest and direct approach make him a refreshing speaker.

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The Macro-Economics in Sales

Like many public companies, the macro-economics!  Sales cycles have lengthened. Upselling is slower. I don’t know how win rates are stable when sales take longer but okay. The Number 1 Competitor right now in telecom/UC: Status Quo! We are seeing … [Continue reading]

UCaaS Stats June 2023

ARPU isn’t talked about much anymore. There was a time, it was an investor deck metric. RingCentral included it recently to demonstrate that they are not giving it away. The ARPU is roughly $31. However, they have $300M+ in revenue from Contact … [Continue reading]

Microsoft Teams Wins! Let’s All Go Home

Every week I see more Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams ads and tweets; more XYZ for Teams. The industry is back to selling dial-tone, minutes and texts. UCaaS has tanked. The price per seat has declined. Except as phone system replacement, it … [Continue reading]

Conferences 2.1

Conferences are just networking events interrupted by sessions. Too many panelists just blather away about their company. Not enough data is shared. Actionable data. Not enough story telling. I’ll say it again, if you show a video during your … [Continue reading]

Selling into Lit Buildings

ISPs light up multi-tenant office buildings (MTU) with fiber or wireless usually for a single tenant. The next customer in that same building is gravy. The one after that is even sweeter. Most ISPs do not have a strategic sales plan for their sales … [Continue reading]