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The SD-WAN MQ (and other lists)

Gartner put out their magic quadrant on SD-WAN – only they call it WAN Edge Infrastructure. This reminds me of when they had to cancel the UC MQ due to premise based systems disappearing – or no one wanted to pay to be on the list. … [Continue reading]

Sales Tips in a Pandemic

Now is the time to be talking to your best customers. Get a testimonial if you can. Talk to them about how they use your product and how they use tech. Ask for a Referral; even better Give a Referral. Ask what is working and what is not. Share the … [Continue reading]

PPP Loan Forgiveness

FYI... from my SBA bank on PPP Loan Forgiveness. (I have not been invited to apply for Forgiveness yet). To give yourself a head start to the forgiveness process, these are the required documents:Payroll Report and Confirmation of Payments made for … [Continue reading]

Goodbye, Sprint

Sprint should be an MBA case study (or three). Sprint started as the Pin Drop company – the company with fiber and crystal clear voice. Then no one knew what they were known for. There were a series of missteps. Sprint had a fiber network … [Continue reading]

5 Tips to Jump Start Q4 (2020)

What can you say about 2020? Most of us are not just Zoom fatigued but exhausted. Here are 5 tips to help you jump start the fourth quarter. It’s been a challenge of a year, Tip # 1 is Congratulate yourself on getting this far. Many … [Continue reading]