Peter Radizeski is a multi-faceted speaker who can reach audiences
on subjects from marketing to telecommunications.


As President of RAD-INFO he assists telecommunications companies with business development and strategies. Marketing telecommunications services to businesses is his forte. Both areas of expertise come together in his book SELLECOM: 101 Ideas for Marketing in the Telecom Jungle, which includes over 100 ideas for selling, marketing and running a business in the telecommunications industry today.

He is a problem solver and analyst.  As a Consultant he is able to provide information to fix a problem or address an issue. It is the business of providing advice to firms in trouble; on the move; or trying to do what they do better or more efficiently.

What others are saying about him:

Peter possesses a keen sense and insight for turning telecom services and products into customers and dollars. He is passionate about this industry, his work and the people he serves. Visit his site, read his blog and sign up for his newsletter at and you will discover what makes Peter a sought after marketing consultant.”

Cynthia de Lorenzi, CEO, Patriot Computer Group

How is Peter Different?

  • Peter talks about the nitty-gritty.
  • Peter tells stories based on cases and clients.
  • Peter engages the audience without PowerPoint.

Peter Radizeski can tailor his talk to your audience. Topics include:

  • 50 Ideas in 50 Minutes (the 50 Minute MBA)
  • You Are Not Selling a Commodity!
  • What is Your Differentiator?
  • Marketing is Every Touch – Marketing is Everything
  • You are in Telecom! How come you aren’t Using Social Media?
  • Telecom – the Road Ahead (keynote at IT Expo 2009)

Peter also trains agents, direct sales teams and non-sales people on how to sell telecommunications services. Based on his book, his seminar series is titled,  How to SELLECOM and has included such topics as Broadband, SIP trunking, Hosted PBX, Fat Pipe, Colocation, and Metro Ethernet.

If you would like to hire Peter Radizeski to speak at your next event or to ask him about his topics, seminars, podcasts, or book, please call the office at 813-963-5884. Thank you.